Basement Conversions

Basement conversions London

Have you got lots of empty space full of potential beneath your London home? An expertly designed and built basement conversion could add an entire new dimension to your property.

As experts in home renovation, designing and building incredible interiors, and making the most out of every room we are asked to create, we understand the complexity involved in modern basement conversions. From assessing the space below your floorboards, and working with you to establish the exact sort of living space and style you’re looking for, our designers will decipher the right solution. From dealing with structural issues, to adding access points and even getting light into the room, we’ll take care of every step, including any building regulations that may be required. Our Gas Safe and NICEIC registered engineers will have every aspect of heating and internal wiring resolved during the project, while our designers can get to work on creating a bespoke interior that looks astonishingly good. No matter what your basement looks like right now, by choosing Westway Construction you’ll soon see it transformed into an incredible new living space.

London basement conversions

What would you like to add to your London home? Extra living space? A study? A playroom for the kids? A basement conversion immediately gives you a range of options.

But what if you don’t already have a basement? Thankfully, even if there is little existing space below your property, given the right conditions, and the right building team, you may be able to open up the space below you nonetheless – including below your garden. From assessing the property, to digging new or additional space, we can even lower the floor level in existing basements. Allowing you and the rest of the household to take advantage of an entire new room you never anticipated living in, you’ll have options aplenty all over the house as space frees up around you – because the space below you was opened up. If you’ve always dreamed of a cosy workspace, an extra bedroom, or somewhere to enjoy relaxing away from the rest of the household, a basement conversion could create the exact space you’ve been waiting for. Get in touch with us today to make an enquiry.

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