Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions London

An excellent way to increase living space within any property, a professionally designed and built dormer loft conversion or custom loft conversion has the potential to transform the feel of any home.

The dormer loft conversion is an extension to the existing sloped roof that works to create additional floor space and headroom on the inside of the property itself. One of the most popular loft conversions around, dormers are often built to extend a bedroom, or add living space within the loft. However, with our exceptional planning and design expertise, we can also deliver completely custom loft extensions. Making use of the variety of incredible architecture in the city, a custom loft conversion could be the ideal way to maintain the unique character of your home, while extending the space inside.

London Loft Conversions

Two more great ways to create extra space in your property, hip to gable and Mansard loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular throughout London and the rest of the UK.

Many properties have a regular ‘hipped’ roof, which slopes on one side. This makes the loft space inside rather limited, unless you were to add a hip to gable extension on the side of the home. This extends the wall of the home to the height of the roof, and crucially creates new space on the inside. A Mansard loft conversion, however is even more particular. Suitable only for pitched roofs, this type of loft conversion creates an almost vertical outside wall, extending to the height of the top of the roof, and lots of extra space inside the property.

Loft Extensions London

We also build modern L section and roofline loft conversions, making use of the extra space that already exists both in and outside many homes and properties across the capital.

Extending over the rear extension already built into many properties, the L section makes incredible use of this extra building. By extending the dormer above the existing extension, you can either add to an existing room or create an entire new living space within your property. Roofline loft conversions, however, involve making the most of the space already inside your loft. Ideal for larger and detached homes, this conversion brings light into the room and turns the entire loft into a new space. Whether it’s an en-suite bedroom, or new living area, we will design and plan the entire project.

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