Outbuildings and Landscaping

Garden Outbuildings London

Outbuildings such as sheds, greenhouses and other buildings can augment your garden's appeal and functionality. We have the specialist expertise to construct a new garden outbuilding for you from scratch.

There are various situations in which you might seriously contemplate having an outbuilding added to your London home's garden. You might lack sufficient storage space in your main house, or want to provide a home office in which to work or a games room where your kids can play with their friends. Outbuildings can also serve as pool houses, sauna cabins and kennels. Whatever you have in mind for an outbuilding, we invite you to approach us with your idea. We can advise on its feasibility before drawing up a design and plan to which our builders can adhere as they get to work on the project. A major plus point of an outbuilding is that it does not always require planning permission, but we can still obtain that permission if necessary for your own project. We can also take account of practicalities such as whether and how the building will source electricity.

Landscape gardening for new builds

If you are a private developer intent on producing a new build for domestic or commercial purposes, you might soon start considering the subject of the site's intended outdoor spaces.

Neither homeowners nor workers should overlook the therapeutic value of periodically spending some time in nature - and, for this reason, a new build's outdoor areas ought to be as finely crafted as the actual building itself. As property developers ourselves, we understand exactly what you require. We can handle rudimentary responsibilities such as cutting grass and cutting hedges, while initial site clearance is also an option if you would like to start afresh. You might also have ideas for hard landscaping features like patios, paths and driveways, and we can act on those ideas, too, in consultation with you. We can even bring to life elaborate designs of your choosing - through, for example, strategically planting single- or multi-specimen plants. Our new build landscaping services also include single roll and jumbo roll turfing - and remember that, whichever of these services you choose, we will directly handle every stage of the work.

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