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As the roof is a property's first line of defence against the elements, its construction must be resilient. We can ensure this when putting together flat roofs or tiled roofs.

The modern practicality of flat roofs can too easily be underestimated, given recent advances in how roofs of this type are designed and fitted. We can take advantage of such innovations when we take on your London flat roofing project. A professionally installed flat roof from Westway Construction will leave you with an accessible, low-maintenance space proving cost-effective over the long run. At the consultation stage, we can educate you on various types of flat roof, including EPDM, fibreglass, bitumen, concrete, polycarbonate and marine ply, and suitable applications of such.

Alternatively, you might prefer the traditional look of a tiled roof. Fortunately, we can provide either a tiled roof or a slate surface for that unmistakable tiled appearance. As we proceed with the project, we can keep you updated on it to make sure that we continue working towards meeting the bespoke needs which you will have specified with us from the start.

Expert London Roofers

At Westway Construction, we are directly responsible for each part of a roofing project. We never outsource any tasks to contractors or subcontractors who might not be up to scratch.

When tasking other people with what is essentially your roofing project, you could understandably fear the risk of being left with a sloppily applied roof falling short of suitable health and safety regulations. This can happen when roofing professionals take on jobs for which they are not properly qualified. However, you can put such fears at rest when you turn to Westway Construction, as our roofers are multi-skilled and capable of handling each aspect of a project.

They will use only the best quality and most durable materials, whether when re-tiling your roof to improve its protection against adverse weather conditions, enhancing its energy efficiency to reap you long-term financial savings, or carrying out any other roofing responsibility for you. We can also ensure the reliable fitting of your gutter fascias and conduct chimney pointing, lead flashing and cladding work. For clients, we always aim to complete roofing work to the best standard.

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